Initial results with the metadata query engine

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While the metadata query engine is active, the Search Results page initially returns this information for each object in the search results:

  • Object directory path and name.
  • URL. This is the absolute path to the object. The location is the HCP system, and the root directory is rest for HCP namespaces or fcfs_data for the default namespace.

    You can click the URL to access the object.

  • Change time.

Here’s an example of the information initially returned for an object while the metadata query engine is active:

The metadata query engine can return a maximum of ten thousand objects in response to a single query. If your query would return more that ten thousand objects, you should run a query with more precise search criteria to ensure that you get all the objects you want.

  • Object directory path and name
  • URL
  • A message indicating that the object has been deleted