Saving a query

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You can save all three types of queries: simple, structured, and advanced. Queries you save while one search facility is active are not available while another facility is active.

  1. On the Simple Search, Structured Search, or Advanced Search page, specify the query criteria.
  2. Click Search.
  3. (Optional) Select filters to apply to the query results.
    The filters you apply to the search results are saved along with the query.
  4. In the save as field, type a name for the query.
    Query names must be from one through 500 characters long and cannot contain single quotation marks ('), double quotation marks ("), or backslashes (\). Certain strings that are used internally by HCP are reserved and cannot be used as names as saved queries.
  5. If a query doesn’t return any objects, a field labeled Save this query as appears below the search criteria on the Search Results page.
  6. Click Save.