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Each page in the Search Console lets you perform a specific activity. To navigate among the pages, you can use the tabs at the top of the page. You can also use shortcut keys for navigation. Each link that has a shortcut key has one letter underlined. To use the shortcut key, follow the convention for the browser you’re using.

While the metadata query engine is active, on each page, the Search Console indicates how current the index is by showing the date and time before which eligible objects are guaranteed to be indexed. That is, any eligible object that was added to a namespace or that had a metadata change before the indicated date and time is guaranteed to be indexed. Objects that were added or had metadata changes after that date and time may or may not be indexed.

Search Console pages do not automatically refresh themselves while they remain open. To see the latest results for the current search, use your browser refresh button.

When you switch from one page to another, the Console does not retain the search on the original page (neither the query nor the search results). To see that search again, you can either recreate it or use the browser back button to return to it. Alternatively, you can save it before you switch pages.