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Each search facility maintains an index of objects. The index maintained by the metadata query engine resides in HCP.

The metadata query engine index is based on system metadata, custom metadata that is well-formed XML, and ACLs.

Indexing is enabled on a per-namespace basis. If a namespace is not indexed, searches do not return any results for objects in the namespace.

Indexing of custom metadata is also enabled on a per-namespace basis. If indexing of custom metadata is disabled for a namespace, the index associated with the metadata query engine does not include custom metadata for objects in the namespace.

HCP namespaces can be configured to store multiple versions of objects. Each index, however, includes only the most current version of an object.

To maintain its index, each search facility periodically checks indexable namespaces for new objects and for objects with metadata that has changed since the last check. When it finds new or changed information, it updates its index. The amount of time a search facility takes to update its index depends on the amount of information to be indexed.

Note: If an index update includes a large amount of information, new objects or objects with changed metadata may be unavailable to searches until the update is complete.

Metadata query engine indexing of custom metadata can be configured as follows:

  • Specific content properties can be indexed.
  • Specific annotations in a namespace can be excluded from indexing.
  • Indexing can be enabled or disabled for the full text of custom metadata.