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Custom metadata in a namespace can be indexed based content properties. A content property is a named construct used to extract an element or attribute value from custom metadata that's well-formed XML. Each content property has a data type that determines how the property values are treated by the metadata query engine. Additionally, a content property is defined as either single-valued or multivalued. A multivalued property can extract the values of multiple occurrences of the same element or attribute from the XML.

Content properties are grouped into content classes, and each namespace can be associated with a set of content classes. The content properties that belong to a content class associated with the namespace are indexed for the namespace. Content classes are defined at the tenant level, so multiple namespaces can be associated with the same content class.

For example, if the namespace Personnel is associated with the content class MedInfo, and the content property DrName is a member of the content class, the query engine will use the DrName content property to index the custom metadata in the Personnel namespace.