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Each object has a retention setting that specifies how long the object must remain in its namespace before it can be deleted; this duration is called the retention period. While an object cannot be deleted due to its retention setting, it is said to be under retention.

The retention setting for an object can be:

A specific date and time
This is the time before which the object cannot be deleted. If this is a date in the past, this setting is displayed as Expired in the Search Console.
Deletion Allowed
The object can be deleted at any time. This value is displayed as Expired in the Search Console.
Deletion Prohibited
The object can never be deleted.
Initial Unspecified
The object does not yet have a specific retention setting and cannot be deleted until it has a setting that allows deletion.
A retention class
This is a named retention setting. It can be a duration (such as seven years) or one of the special values listed above.
Retention classes are namespace specific. That is, an object in one namespace cannot be assigned a retention class that’s defined in a different namespace.