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Privileged delete is an HCP feature that enables you to delete objects even if they are under retention. This feature is available only for namespaces in enterprise mode. If a namespace is in compliance mode, you cannot delete objects that are under retention.

Privileged delete supports government regulations that require the destruction of certain types of data in response to changing circumstances. For example, companies may be required to destroy particular information about employees who leave. If that data is under retention, it cannot be deleted through normal delete operations.

If the namespace supports versioning, you can turn a privileged delete operation into a privileged purge operation. This deletes all versions of the target object.

When using privileged delete, you need to specify a reason for the deletion. The tenant log records all privileged delete operations, including the specified reasons, thereby creating an audit trail.

Using privileged delete, you can also delete objects that are not under retention. You would do this, for example, if you wanted to record the reason for an object deletion.

You cannot use privileged delete to delete objects that are on hold, regardless of their retention settings.

To perform a privileged delete operation through the Tenant Management Console, you need the compliance role.