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Versioning is the creation of multiple versions of objects. Versioning is supported only with the REST and S3 compatible APIs. Users cannot create new versions of objects or access old versions through any other protocol.

Any given namespace can be configured to support versioning or not to support it. However, you cannot enable versioning for a namespace while the WebDAV, CIFS, NFS, or SMTP protocol is enabled for that namespace. Conversely, you cannot enable the WebDAV, CIFS, NFS, or SMTP protocol for a namespace while versioning is enabled for that namespace. You can disable versioning at any time.

When versioning is enabled for a namespace, you can set a time for version pruning. Version pruning is the automatic deletion of previous versions of objects that are older than a specified amount of time.

If you disable versioning after it was enabled, old versions of objects remain in the namespace and continue to be pruned according to the pruning settings. If you change the pruning settings, the new settings apply to old versions regardless of whether versioning is enabled.

You can create namespaces with versioning enabled only if allowed to do so by the tenant configuration. system-level administrators can change this configuration from not allowing the creation of namespaces with versioning enabled to allowing it. However, they cannot do the reverse.