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Replication is implemented at the tenant and namespace level. When creating a tenant, the HCP system administrator specifies whether the tenant is eligible to be replicated. HCP system administrators can change this setting from not allowing replication to allowing it. However, they cannot do the reverse.

If the tenant is eligible for replication, you can choose whether to include each namespace in the replication of the tenant. You can change this setting for a namespace at any time.

If allowed by the tenant configuration, for each cloud-optimized namespace replicated with the tenant, you can specify whether HCP is allowed to use erasure coding to implement replication of the objects in that namespace. Erasure coding improves storage efficiency. However, read performance may be better for replicated namespaces that do not allow erasure coding.

System administrators can change a tenant from not being able to choose whether namespaces allow erasure coding to being able to do this. After this change occurs:

  • Preexisting cloud-optimized namespaces with replication enabled are automatically reconfigured to allow erasure coding.
  • When you enable cloud optimization for a preexisting namespace that had replication enabled but was not cloud optimized, the namespace is automatically configured to allow erasure coding.

The HCP system administrator selects tenants to be replicated from among those that are eligible. If a tenant has granted system-level administrative users access to itself, the system administrator can change the namespace selections for that tenant. HCP replicates the configuration of each selected tenant and the configuration and contents of all the namespaces selected for replication with the tenant.

Depending on the replication topology, you may not be able to make any configuration changes to the tenant or any of its namespaces on one or more systems in the topology. Clients cannot make any changes to namespace content on systems on which you cannot make configuration changes.

Replication is asynchronous with other HCP activity. If allowed by the system administrator, you can monitor replication progress in the Tenant Management Console.