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Replication is a process that supports configurations in which selected tenants and namespaces are maintained on two or more HCP systems and the objects in those namespaces are managed across those systems. This cross-system management helps ensure that data is well-protected against the unavailability or catastrophic failure of a system.

In addition to replicating objects, HCP replicates tenant and namespace configuration, user and group accounts, retention classes, content classes, all compliance log messages, and most other tenant log messages.

A replication topology is a configuration of HCP systems that are related to each other through replication. Typically, the systems in a replication topology are in separate geographic locations and are connected by a high-speed wide area network. This arrangement provides geographically distributed data protection (called geo-protection).

Clients can read from namespaces on all systems where those namespaces are replicated. The replication topology, which is configured at the system level, determines the systems on which clients can write to namespaces.