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A namespace can optionally have an owner that corresponds to an HCP or Active Directory® (AD) user. Assuming that the user has the allow namespace management property, the owner of a namespace can use the S3 compatible and HCP management APIs to:

  • View and change the versioning status of the namespace
  • Delete the namespace
  • See the namespace in a namespace listing

You can also use the Tenant Management Console and HCP management API to perform these activities if you have the administrator role, even if you’re not the namespace owner.

You can specify the owner of a namespace when you create the namespace or at any time thereafter. You can also change namespace owners at any time.

When the S3 compatible API is used to create a namespace, the namespace creator automatically becomes the namespace owner.

When a user with an HCP user account becomes the owner of a namespace, that user account automatically gets the browse, read, write, read ACL, and write ACL data access permissions for that namespace. If the S3 compatible API was used to create the namespace, the owner user account also automatically gets the delete permission for the namespace.

You can limit the number of namespaces that can be owned by a single user. You can change this limit at any time.