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Each object in the repository has an index setting that is either true or false. This setting is present even if the namespace containing the object is not search-enabled or indexed.

The metadata query engine uses the index setting for an object to determine whether to index custom metadata for that object. The HCP search facility uses the index setting to determine whether to index the object at all. Metadata query API requests can use the index setting as a search criterion. Additionally, third-party applications can use this setting for their own purposes.

Note: If custom metadata indexing is disabled, the metadata query engine does not index custom metadata regardless of the index settings for individual objects.

Each namespace has a default index setting. This is the setting applied to an object when it is stored in that namespace unless the index setting is explicitly specified in the request to store the object. After an object is stored, users can change its index setting.

When you create a namespace, its default index setting is to index. You can change this setting at any time. Changing this setting does not affect existing objects in the namespace.