Viewing the complete tenant event log

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The All Events panel on the Tenant Events page lists all messages recorded for the tenant and its namespaces. By default, the panel displays ten messages at a time in reverse chronological order.

Another way to manage the list of events displayed for the tenant is by using the Search option on the Tenant Events page. This option allows you to view All Events, Security Events, and Compliance Events based on a user-specified date range, event ID, or node.

To view the tenant All Events panel, you need the monitor, administrator, security, or compliance role. However, only users with the compliance role can see messages about events that require the compliance role. Only users with the security role can see messages about attempts to log into the Tenant Management Console with an invalid username.
  1. In the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Monitoring > Tenant Events.
  2. On the left side of the Tenant Events page, click All Events.