Monitoring and managing replication

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The Replication page in the Tenant Management Console shows information about replication of the current tenant when both of these conditions are true:

  • The tenant is eligible for and currently selected for replication.
  • The HCP system is configured to show this information.

If the tenant is eligible for but not currently selected for replication, the page shows a replication status of Not Replicating.

You can use the statistics and graphs on the Replication page to monitor replication progress. You can also use the page to select and deselect namespaces to be replicated along with the tenant.

To display the Replication page, in the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Services > Replication.

Roles: To view the Replication page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To select and deselect namespaces for replication, you need the administrator role.