Enabling SNMP logging

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An HCP system can be configured to send system-level log messages to one or more specified SNMP managers. You can choose to also send tenant log messages to those managers. The system-level configuration determines whether compliance and security messages are sent along with the other tenant log messages.

You use the SNMP page in the Tenant Management Console to enable or disable sending tenant log messages to the SNMP managers. To display this page, in the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Monitoring > SNMP.

To view the SNMP page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To enable or disable SNMP logging, you need the administrator role.
  1. On the SNMP page, select (to enable) or deselect (to disable) Enable SNMP logging.
    If the HCP system is not configured for SNMP logging, selecting this option has no effect.
  2. Click Update Settings.