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HCP email notification works only if the HCP system has been configured to enable support for this feature. At any time, you can test the HCP system to determine whether it has been configured to support email notification.

Testing support for email notification causes HCP to send an email to an address that you specify. This email comes from the email address specified in the From field in the Message Settings section on the Email page. The email subject is Test email from HCP.

  1. On the Email page, click Test.
  2. In the Test Email Notification window, type the email address to which you want HCP to send the test email.
  3. Click Send.
If support for email notification is not configured at the system level, the Tenant Management Console displays an error message. If the Console displays a success message but the email does not arrive, ensure that you’ve correctly specified the email address to which you want the email sent. If the email still doesn’t arrive, contact your HCP system administrator for help.