Modifying rows in the recipients list

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  1. Add a row.
    1. (Optional) In the Recipients field, type a comma-separated list of one or more well-formed email addresses.
    2. Click Add.
    A new row appears in the recipients list with importance set to Major, severity set to Error, and only general selected as the type. The row is highlighted in green.
  2. Modify a row.
    1. (Optional) In the Address field, type additional well-formed email addresses and/or modify or delete existing addresses.
      This field must contain at least one well-formed email address and no incorrectly formed addresses.
    2. (Optional) Change the properties based on which HCP sends email to the specified addresses.
      If you deselect all the types, no email is sent to the specified addresses.
  3. To delete a row, click the delete control () for the row.
    The row turns red.
  4. Click Update Settings at the bottom of the page.