Specifying email recipients

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You use the Recipients section on the Email page to specify the email addresses to which HCP sends email about log messages. HCP sends email as blind carbon copies, so email recipients are not visible to one another.

Each row in the Recipients section contains one or more email addresses and indicates which messages are sent to those addresses. The section can have at most 25 rows.

Because each row in the Recipients section can contain multiple email addresses, you can specify a total of more than 25 addresses in this section. However, HCP sends each email only to an arbitrary 25 of the addresses that are supposed to receive the email. For example, if 34 email addresses are supposed to receive email about log messages that are important and have a severity level of error and a type of general, HCP sends such email only to 25 of those addresses.

You can add, modify, and delete rows in the Recipients section at any time.