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HCP can be configured at the system level to support the use of email to notify recipients about messages added to the system-level log. If the HCP system supports email notification, you can configure HCP to send email about tenant log messages to recipients that you specify.

You can configure each email recipient to receive notification of only selected messages based on the message importance, severity, and type. Important messages are those that appear in the Tenant Management Console. Message severity levels are notice, warning, and error. Message types are general, security, and compliance. In all cases, HCP makes a best effort to send the applicable email in a timely manner.

Recipients are added to the blind carbon copy (bcc) list for each email, so the recipients of an email are not visible to one another. The To list remains empty.

You can configure the content of the email that HCP sends. For example, you could choose to have HCP send the full text, severity, and date and time, and node number for each log message. Or, if you’re concerned about exposing system tenant and namespace information in what is by nature an insecure medium, you could format the email to say only that a log message was recorded.

HCP writes messages to the tenant log about email that the email server fails to accept. The messages about failed email are not sent to email recipients.

You use the Email page in the Tenant Management Console to enable and configure email notification. To display this page, in the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Monitoring > Email.

Roles: To view the Email page, you need the monitor or administrator role. To configure email notification, you need the administrator role.