Controlling access to the Search Console

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To use the HCP Search Console to search one or more namespaces, users log into the Search Console for the tenant that owns those namespaces. You can choose to allow access to the Search Console only from specific IP addresses. Similarly, you can choose to deny access to the Search Console from specific IP addresses.

You use the Search Security page in the Tenant Management Console to configure access to the Search Console. To display this page, in the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Security > Search Security.

To view or modify the Search Security page, you need the security role.

To control access to the Search Console, on the Search Security page:

  • Optionally, in the Allow/Deny section, specify IP addresses to be allowed or denied access to the Search Console.
  • To specify how HCP should handle IP addresses that appear in both or neither of the Allow and Deny lists, select or deselect Allow request when same IP is used in both lists. Changes to this option take effect immediately.