Controlling access to HCP through the management API

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For you to use the HCP management API with a tenant-level user account, the API must be enabled for both the HCP system and the tenant. Additionally, the API must be configured at the tenant level to allow access from your client IP address.

Enabling the management API also enables the use of the S3 compatible APIs to perform these bucket (S3 compatible API) and container activities:

  • Create buckets or containers
  • List the buckets or containers you own
  • Enable, disable, or check the status of versioning for a bucket (S3 compatible API only)
  • Add, retrieve (S3 compatible API only), or remove an access control list (ACL) for a bucket or container
  • Delete a bucket or container

You use the Management API page in the Tenant Management Console to enable and configure the management API at the tenant level. To display this page, in the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Security > MAPI.

To view and modify the HCP management API configuration, you need the security role.
  1. Enable the management API.
    In the Management API Settings section:
    1. Select Enable the HCP management API.
    2. Click Update Settings.
  2. (Optional) In the Allow/Deny section, specify IP addresses to be allowed or denied access to HCP through the management API.
  3. To specify how HCP should handle IP addresses that appear in both or neither of the Allow and Deny lists, select or deselect Allow request when same IP is used in both lists.
    Changes to this option take effect immediately.