Reindexing namespaces associated with a content class

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You can reindex the namespaces associated with a content class at any time. You might do this for example, if you add a new content property to the content class.

  1. On the Search page, in the list of content classes, click the name of the content class with the namespaces you want to reindex.
  2. In the row of tabs below the content class name, click Reindex.
    The Content Class Namespaces section in the Reindex panel displays a list of the namespaces that are associated with the content class.
  3. (Optional) Filter the list of namespaces by namespace name.
    1. In the Content Class Namespaces field, type a text string to use as a filter.
      This string can be up to 64 characters long and can contain any valid UTF-8 characters, including white space. It is not case sensitive. You cannot filter the namespace list while any of the namespaces in it are selected for reindexing.
    2. Click the find control ().
  4. For each namespace you want to reindex, click the add control () to select the namespace.
    • To select all the namespaces in the list, click Select All.
    • To deselect a selected namespace, click the remove control () for the namespace.
    • To deselect all the namespaces after selecting all, click Clear.
    The namespace row turns green.
  5. In the Reindex Selected Namespaces section, select either All objects or Objects modified after.
    • If you select Objects modified after, either type a date in the associated field or click the calendar control () to select a date. If you type a date, use this format: mm/dd/yyyy
    • If you enter an invalid date using the correct date format, HCP tries to convert it to a real date. For example, if you enter 11/31/2012, HCP converts it to 12/01/2012.
  6. Click Reindex Namespaces.
    If you selected All objects, a confirming message appears.
  7. In the window with the confirming message, select I understand to confirm that you understand the consequences of your action.
  8. Click Reindex Namespaces.