Setting search and indexing options

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  1. In the Search panel for the namespace, select or deselect Enable search to enable or disable search, respectively.
  2. If Enable search is selected:
    • Select or deselect Enable indexing to enable or disable indexing, respectively.
    • In the Content Classes list, select or deselect content classes to associate them with or dissociate them from the namespace, respectively.

      To select all the listed content classes, click in the checkbox at the top of the list. To deselect all the content classes after selecting all, click in the checkbox again.

  3. If Enable indexing is selected, select or deselect Enable indexing of custom metadata to enable or disable indexing of custom metadata, respectively.
  4. If Enable indexing of custom metadata is enabled:
    • Select or deselect Enable full custom metadata indexing to enable or disable metadata query engine indexing of the full text of custom metadata, respectively.
    • In the Exclude Annotations from Indexing field, specify the names of one or more annotations to be excluded from custom metadata indexing. Use a comma to separate each annotation name from the next.
    Instead of explicit names, you can use patterns. The wildcard character for pattern matching is the asterisk (*), which matches any number of characters of any type, including none. The asterisk can occur anywhere in the pattern. Annotation names are case sensitive.
  5. Click Update Settings.
    If you deselected Enable search, HCP displays a confirming message.
  6. In the window with the confirming message, select I understand to confirm that you understand the consequences of your action.
  7. Click Update Settings.