Reindexing an individual namespace

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  1. In the Search panel for the namespace, in the Reindex section of the Search panel, in the first field, select either:
    • Metadata Query Engine to have the metadata query engine reindex the namespace
    • HCP Search Facility to have the HCP search facility reindex the namespaces
    The Reindex section displays either Namespace indexed or Namespace not indexed to indicate whether the namespace is currently included in the index for the selected search facility.
  2. Select either All objects or Objects modified after.
    If you select Objects modified after, either type a date in the associated field or click the calendar control () to select a date. If you type a date, use this format: mm/dd/yyyy
    If you enter an invalid date using the correct date format, HCP tries to convert it to a real date. For example, if you enter 11/31/2015, HCP converts it to 12/01/2015.
  3. Click Reindex Objects.
    If you selected All objects, a confirming message appears.
  4. In the window with the confirming message, select I understand to confirm that you understand the consequences of your action.
  5. Click Reindex Objects.
If indexing is disabled for the namespace, the procedure above does not by itself start the reindexing process. To start reindexing the namespace, you need to reenable indexing.