Workflow for adding, modifying, and deleting content properties

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  1. On the Search page, in the list of content classes in the Settings panel, click the name of the content class for which you want to add, modify, or delete content properties.
  2. Add, modify, or delete a content property.
    • Add one or more properties individually
    • Extract one or more properties from XML that you supply
    • Import properties from a content property file
    • Modify a content property by making the changes you want in the row for the property.
    • Delete an existing content property by clicking the delete control () for the row containing the property.
    New content properties appears in the list of content properties for the content class. The new rows are highlighted in green. Deleted properties are highlighted in red.
  3. Test or export all the listed content properties.
  4. Click Update Settings.
    If you also typed a new name for the content class in the Name field, clicking Update Settings changes the content class name.