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When you define a content property, you specify a name for it. Content property names must be from one through 25 characters long, can contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores (_), and are case sensitive. White space is not allowed.

Content property names should be intuitive for users of the metadata query API and Metadata Query Engine Console. For example, for the property that extracts the name of the doctor from the sample custom metadata, you should use a name like Doctor_Name rather than a name like dname.

Content properties with the same name

You can use the same name for multiple content properties as long as those properties have the same data type. For example, suppose the custom metadata for some objects includes a physician element instead of a doctor element, like this:

        <name>Lee Green</name>
         <office>ABC Oncology</office>
             <address1>Anytown Medical Building</address1>
             <address2>1 Main Street</address2>
            <specialty primary="true">Oncology</specialty>
            <specialty>Internal Medicine</specialty>

You could define two content properties named Doctor_Name, one with an XPath expression that includes the doctor element, the other with an XPath expression that includes the physician element.

Within a content class, content properties with the same name must have the same data type.

Reserved words

The following words are reserved and cannot be used as content property names:

  • accessTime
  • accessTimeString
  • acl
  • changeTimeMilliseconds
  • changeTimeString
  • customMetadata
  • customMetadataAnnotation
  • dpl
  • gid
  • hash
  • hashScheme
  • hold
  • index
  • ingestTime
  • ingestTimeString
  • namespace
  • objectPath
  • operation
  • owner
  • permission
  • replicated
  • retention
  • retentionClass
  • retentionString
  • shred
  • size
  • type
  • uid
  • urlName
  • updateTime
  • updateTimeString
  • utf8Name
  • version