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The definition of a content property consists of:

  • A name for the property.
  • The XPath expression that identifies the property values.
  • The data type of the property values.
  • For numeric and datetime data types, the format of the property values.
  • An indication of whether the property is single-valued or multivalued. A multivalued property can have multiple values for any given object.
  • The examples of content property definitions in the following sections are based on this sample custom metadata XML:
    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <image type="MRI">
            <technician>Morgan Grey</technician>
            <name>Lee Green</name>
            <office>ABC Oncology</office>
                <address1>Anytown Medical Building</address1>
                <address2>1 Main Street</address2>
                <specialty primary="true">Oncology</specialty>
                <specialty>Internal Medicine</specialty>
            <name>Paris Black</name>
                <address1>10 Elm Street</address1>