Setting the maximum number of namespaces per user

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You can limit the number of namespaces that can be owned by a single user. By default, this limit is 100. You can change the limit at any time.

Changing this limit does not affect current namespace ownership. For example, if a user owns seven namespaces and you change the limit to five, that user still owns those seven namespaces even though that exceeds the new limit. However, the user cannot own any additional namespaces, and if namespaces are taken away from the user, the limit of five applies.

  • To view the limit on namespace ownership, you need the monitor or administrator role.
  • To change the limit on namespace ownership, you need the administrator role.
  1. In the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, select Configuration > Miscellaneous.
  2. In the Maximum Number of Namespaces per User field, type the new limit.
    Valid values are integers in the range zero through 10,000.
  3. Click Update Settings.