Working with unavailable objects

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HCP keeps track of objects that are unavailable. You can view a list of these objects for any given namespace in the Tenant Management Console.

To view the Unavailable Objects panel, you need the monitor or administrator role.
  1. In the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, click Namespaces.
  2. In the list of namespaces, click the name of the namespace you want.
  3. In the row of tabs below the namespace name, click Monitoring.
  4. On the left side of the Monitoring panel, click Unavailable Objects.
    For each object it lists, the Unavailable Objects panel shows the date that the HCP system discovered the unavailable object, the name of the object, and the reason why it is unavailable.

    If an object subsequently becomes available again, the object is removed from the list.

    By default, the objects in the Unavailable Objects panel are listed ten at a time in reverse chronological order by discovery time:

    • To view a different number of objects, select the number of objects you want in the Items per page field. The options are 10, 20, 50, and 100.
    • To page forward or backward, click the next () or back () control, respectively.