About irretrievable objects

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The HCP system classifies an object as irretrievable when it encounters issues with accessing the object on primary storage and cannot access any other copies available in alternative storage locations.

In the All Events panel, each irretrievable object displays its full path and the date and time at which HCP discovered that the object was irretrievable. If versioning has been enabled for the namespace, the list also displays the version ID of each object. An object listed as irretrievable is not replicated. If HCP subsequently repairs a listed object, the object is removed from the list.

You can delete irretrievable objects from a namespace using standard delete operations, provided they are not under retention (or via privileged delete if the objects are under retention). When an object is deleted, HCP removes it from the irretrievable object list.

  • To view a different number of objects, select the number of objects you want in the Items per page field. The options are 10, 20, 50, and 100.
  • To page forward or backward, click the next () or back () control, respectively.