Monitoring a namespace

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While the namespace Overview panel in the Tenant Management Console gives you a view of a namespace as a whole, these namespace views of the tenant log let you monitor namespace activity on a more detailed level:

  • The namespace-level all-events view shows all log messages for a given namespace.
  • The namespace-level compliance view shows all log messages about events that require the compliance role for a given namespace.

Although unlikely, if HCP finds a broken object it cannot repair, it reports the event in the tenant log. In the Tenant Management Console, you can see a list of the irreparable, unavailable, and nonreplicating objects in any given namespace.

When you click this option, the Search box appears.

For Node Number, you can specify one node or All. For Event ID, enter a single event ID or multiple IDs separated by a comma (for example, 3005,2606). When finished, click Search. You can clear searched events when they are no longer needed.