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The REST, S3 compatible, and CIFS protocols have the option to either require user authentication or support both authenticated and unauthenticated (anonymous) access. If a protocol requires authentication, users must present valid credentials in order to use the protocol. If a protocol supports both types of access, users can present credentials but are not required to.

With the REST, S3 compatible, or CIFS protocol configured to support both authenticated and anonymous access:

  • If a user presents credentials, HCP tries to authenticate the user. If the credentials are valid, HCP continues processing the request. If the credentials are invalid, HCP rejects the request.
  • With REST and CIFS, if a user does not present credentials, HCP continues processing the request.
  • With the S3 compatible API, if a user presents the clear-text username all_users, HCP continues processing the request. If the user does not present either credentials or all_users, HCP rejects the request.