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HCP provides SMTP support for Microsoft® Exchange email servers. For information about which Microsoft Exchange email servers are qualified for use with the SMTP protocol, check the HCP release notes for the version of HCP that you have installed.

You use the SMTP panel to enable and configure the SMTP protocol for a namespace. To display this panel, on the left side of the Protocols page, click SMTP.

The top of the SMTP panel shows the string to use to identify the namespace when configuring Microsoft Exchange to archive email to the namespace.

The SMTP panel lets you:

  • Enable the SMTP protocol
  • Specify the email server IP addresses that have access to the namespace through SMTP
  • Specify where and in what format email objects are stored
  • Specify whether to store email attachments separately

The SMTP protocol always stores attachments along with the email they accompany. The metadata query engine index the attachments along with the email.

You can choose to additionally store attachments separately from the email they accompany. With this option, searches return not only the original email with the attachments but also the attachments as separate objects.

When attachments are stored only with the email they accompany, searches return only the email objects. You then need to retrieve the email objects and separate the attachments yourself.

Storing attachments as separate objects can have a significant impact on performance and storage space.