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  1. Click Emails.
  2. In the Email Location field, type the path for the directory in which you want email objects stored.
    This is the full path starting after the root directory (that is, rest or data). Be sure to start and end the path with a forward slash (/), like this:
    If any part of the specified directory path doesn’t exist, HCP creates it.
  3. In the Format field, select either .eml or .mbox.
    The one you choose depends on the application you use to read the stored email.
  4. To store email attachments separately from the emails they’re attached to, select Separate attachments from parent email.
    Important: Storing attachments separately from the email they accompany can have a significant impact on performance and storage space. Unless you have a specific reason to do so, do not enable this option.
  5. Click Update Settings in the Emails section.