CIFS protocol configuration

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You use the CIFS panel to enable and configure the CIFS protocol for a namespace. To display this panel, on the left side of the Protocols panel, click CIFS.

The top of the CIFS panel shows the string to use to identify the namespace when mapping it to a network drive or adding it as a network place on a CIFS client.

The CIFS panel lets you:

  • Enable the CIFS protocol.
  • Specify whether the CIFS protocol requires user authentication for access to the namespace. HCP uses Active Directory to authenticate CIFS users. This authentication is possible only if the tenant is configured to support AD authentication.
    Note: If the HCP system does not support Active Directory and CIFS is enabled for the namespace, the namespace is exposed as a share in the Windows workgroup specified in the HCP system configuration. However, if the CIFS protocol is configured to require authentication, the namespace cannot be accessed through the workgroup.
  • Specify the client IP addresses that have access to the namespace through CIFS.
  • Change CIFS case sensitivity

When you reconfigure the CIFS protocol while it’s already enabled, the changes you make don’t affect current CIFS mounts of the namespace. To force the changes to take effect, you can take either of these actions:

  • Disable and then reenable the protocol. This causes all CIFS clients to lose their connections to the namespace. When they reconnect, the changes will be in effect.
  • Direct all clients with current CIFS mounts to disconnect from the namespace and then to either reboot or wait five minutes for cached connections to be released before reconnecting.