Changing the HCP retention mode

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The HCP retention mode of a namespace is either enterprise or compliance. You can change a namespace in enterprise mode to compliance mode, but you cannot do the reverse.

If a tenant is not allowed to create namespaces in compliance mode, the retention mode setting is not available for its namespaces.

When you change the HCP retention mode of a namespace from enterprise to compliance, you have no guarantee that objects that should have been retained were not already deleted.

Important: Changing the retention mode of a namespace may violate local regulations regarding data retention. Before taking this action, be sure you understand the implications.
  • To view the retention mode setting for a namespace, you need the monitor or administrator role.
  • To change the retention mode of a namespace, you need the administrator role.
  1. In the top-level menu of the Tenant Management Console, click Namespaces.
  2. In the list of namespaces, click the name of the namespace you want.
  3. In the row of tabs below the namespace name, click Policies.
  4. On the left side of the Policies panel, click Retention.
  5. In the Retention Mode panel, select Compliance.
  6. Click Update Settings.
    A confirming message appears.
  7. In the window with the confirming message, select I understand to confirm that you understand the consequences of your action.
  8. Click Update Settings.