Understanding the namespace list

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The Namespaces page contains a list of the namespaces owned by the current tenant. For each namespace, the list shows:

  • The namespace name.
  • The number of objects currently in the namespace. Each version of an object counts as a separate object. However, the object count does not include object versions that are delete markers or delete records.

    Each multipart object counts as a single object. Objects that are in the process of being created by multipart uploads are not included in the object count.

  • Icons for any current alerts that apply to the namespace. Alerts indicate conditions that may need your attention. To see the text that accompanies an alert icon, hover over the icon.
  • The number of bytes of storage used out of the hard quota for the namespace, along with a graphical representation of the amount of storage used.

    Used storage includes storage occupied by the parts of in-progress multipart uploads that have already been written to the namespace. Used storage does not include replaced parts of multipart uploads, parts uploaded for aborted multipart uploads, or unused parts of completed multipart uploads.

Note: Replaced parts, parts of aborted multipart uploads, and parts not included in completed multipart uploads are deleted automatically but not necessarily immediately.

To view additional information about an individual namespace, click the namespace name.