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The Usage section in the namespace Overview panel contains a graph showing information about the namespace storage during the past 30 days (or since the namespace was created if that was less than 30 days ago).

The x-axis in the Usage graph marks the passage of time. The y-axis measures the amount of storage in gigabytes, terabytes, or petabytes, depending on the namespace size. The graph heading indicates the current measurement unit (gigabytes (GB), terabytes (TB), or petabytes (PB)).

The Usage graph shows:

Total storage capacity
The hard quota for the namespace.
Used storage capacity
The total amount of storage space currently occupied by all data stored in the namespace, including object data, metadata (except ACLs), and any redundant data required to satisfy the namespace service plan.
Used storage includes storage occupied by the parts of in-progress multipart uploads that have already been written to the namespace. Used storage does not include replaced parts of multipart uploads, parts uploaded for aborted multipart uploads, or unused parts of completed multipart uploads.
Note: Replaced parts, parts of aborted multipart uploads, and parts not included in completed multipart uploads are deleted automatically but not necessarily immediately.
Ingested volume
The total size of the stored data and custom metadata before it was added to the namespace. This value tells you how much data you have stored.

The graph legend shows the current value for each item.

Below the Usage section, the Overview panel shows the date and time the Objects and Usage sections were last updated. To show the most current information in these sections, click Refresh Now.