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The Objects section in the namespace Overview panel contains a graph showing the number of objects in the namespace during the past 30 days (or since the namespace was created if that was less than 30 days ago).

Each version of an object counts as a separate object. However, the object count does not include object versions that are delete markers and delete records.

Each multipart object counts as a single object. Objects that are in the process of being created by multipart uploads are not included in the object count.

While any of the search facilities is selected for use with the Search Console, the graph also shows the total number of indexed objects in the namespace during the past 30 days. For any point in time for which the indexed object count is shown, the count reflects the index maintained by the search facility that was selected for the Search Console at that time.

The x‑axis in the Objects graph marks the passage of time. The y-axis marks the number of objects. As the number of objects increases, the intervals on the y-axis get larger. The section heading indicates the current measurement unit (for example, thousands or millions).

The graph legend shows the most recent value for the number of objects stored (Ingested object count) and, if applicable, the number of indexed objects (Indexed object count).

Below the Usage section, which is below the Objects section, the Overview panel shows the date and time the Objects and Usage sections were last updated. To show the most current information in these sections, click Refresh Now.