Modifying a user account and its roles

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As a user with the security role, you can change this information about a user account:

  • The username.
  • The full name.
  • The password.
  • The roles associated with the account.
  • Whether the account is enabled. If you disable an account while the user is currently logged in, the user is immediately prevented from taking any further actions.
    Note: You can disable your own account. Once you disable it, however, you cannot reenable it yourself.
  • Whether to force a password change at the next login.

You cannot change the user ID or type of authentication. The user ID is displayed with other account details when you view an individual account as a user with the security role.

  1. In the list of user accounts on the Users page, click the username for the account you want to modify.
  2. In the panel that opens, make the changes you want.
    • When changing the password for a user account, you can reuse the current password. You cannot do this when changing your own password on the Change Password page.
    • If you leave the Password field empty, the previously set password remains in effect.
  3. Click Update Settings.
    If you are modifying the user account you used to log into the Console and:
    • You changed the roles associated with the user account, a message appears indicating that the page will be reloaded. Click Close in the message window to reload the page.
    • You selected Force change on next login, the Console displays the Change Password page. You need to change your password on this page in order to continue working in the Console.