Deleting a user account

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You can delete a user account at any time. If you delete an account while the user is currently logged in, the user is immediately prevented from taking any further action. After you delete the account, the user can no longer log in.

Tip: For a RADIUS-authenticated user, if the user account becomes invalid on the RADIUS server while the user is logged in, the user may still be able to take action in the current Console session for as long as ten minutes. To ensure that the user is immediately prevented from taking further action, delete the user in HCP before deleting the remote account.

You cannot recreate a deleted account. However, you can reuse the username from the deleted account to create a new account. The new account will have different user ID from the deleted account.

You cannot delete the account you used to log into the current Tenant Management Console session. Additionally, if no existing AD group has the security role, you cannot delete the last locally authenticated user account with the security role.

  1. In the list of user accounts on the Users page, click the delete control () for the account you want to delete.
  2. In response to the confirming message, click Delete.