Deleting a group account

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You can delete a group account at any time. Deleting a group account has no effect on the corresponding group in AD.

When you delete a group account, AD users in the corresponding AD group immediately lose the roles and data access permissions granted by that group account.

If no existing HCP user account has the security role, you cannot delete the last group account with the security role.

When a group is deleted in AD, the corresponding HCP group account is not automatically deleted. However, the name of the group account changes to the SID of the deleted AD group. HCP group accounts that correspond to deleted AD groups serve no purpose and should be deleted.

Note: The Tenant Management Console may not immediately reflect the change to the HCP group account name.
  1. In the list of group accounts on the Groups page in the Tenant Management Console, click the delete control () for the group account you want to delete.
  2. In response to the confirming message, click Delete.