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An HCP user account is a set of credentials that gives a user access to one or more of the interfaces listed above. You create and manage user accounts in the Tenant Management Console.

When you create a user account, you specify whether the user credentials are authenticated locally or by RADIUS. Additionally, for locally authenticated users, you specify whether the account password must be changed the next time the account is used to access one of the Consoles.

When you create a user account, you have the option of associating roles with it and assigning the allow namespace management property. You can change these properties as well associate data access permissions with the account at any time thereafter.

You can enable and disable user accounts, as needed. While an account is disabled, it cannot be used to access any of the applicable interfaces. You might decide to disable an account, for example, while the user for whom you created it is on vacation.

Multiple people can use the same user account concurrently for the same or different interfaces. To prevent this from happening, you should create a separate account for each user, and users should keep their passwords confidential.

Note: For HCP user accounts, HCP logs failed namespace access attempts with a given username once an hour. This prevents repeated log messages in the case where an application specifies invalid credentials. The message that’s logged indicates the number of failed attempts that occurred in the past hour.

A tenant can have at most 10,000 HCP user accounts.