User and group accounts

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User and group accounts control access to HCP interfaces. The administrative roles associated with these accounts allow users to use:

  • The Tenant Management Console
  • The HCP management API

You need the security role to create, modify, delete, and associate roles with user and group accounts.

The data access permissions associated with user and group accounts allow users to access namespace content through:

  • Namespace access protocols that require authentication
  • The Namespace Browser
  • The HCP metadata query API
  • The HCP Search Console

You need the administrator role to associate data access permissions with user and group accounts.

The allow namespace management property, which you can assign to a user or group account, allows users to use the HCP management and S3 compatible APIs to:

  • Create namespaces
  • List, view and change the versioning status of, and delete namespaces they own
  • You need the administrator role to assign the allow namespace management property to a user or group account.