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As a tenant security administrator, you are responsible for creating and managing tenant-level user and group accounts. These accounts give users permission to use the Tenant Management Console and HCP management API and to access namespace content through namespace access protocols that require authentication, the Namespace Browser, the HCP metadata query API, and the HCP Search Console. These accounts also determine which actions the user is allowed to perform through the applicable interface.

Users with HCP user accounts are authenticated locally by HCP or remotely by RADIUS. Group accounts enable users defined in Active Directory to access HCP interfaces. These users are authenticated remotely by AD. The tenant configuration determines which types of authentication the tenant supports.

As an administrator with the security role, you can associate administrative roles with user and group accounts. To associate data access permissions with user and group accounts, you need the administrator role.

Different tenants have different user and group accounts. These accounts cannot be shared across tenants.