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An HCP repository is partitioned into namespaces. A namespace is a logical grouping of objects such that the objects in one namespace are not visible in any other namespace.

Namespaces provide a mechanism for separating the data stored for different applications, business units, or customers. For example, you could have one namespace for accounts receivable and another for accounts payable.

Namespaces also enable operations to work against selected subsets of objects. For example, you could perform a query that targets the accounts receivable and accounts payable namespaces but not the employees namespace.

Namespaces are owned and managed by administrative entities called tenants. A tenant typically corresponds to an organization, such as a company or a division or department within a company.

In addition to being owned by a tenant, each HCP namespace can have an owner that corresponds to an individual HCP user. The owner of a namespace automatically has permission to perform certain operations on that namespace.

Each tenant can own multiple namespaces. An HCP system can have a maximum of 1,000 locally defined tenants and 10,000 locally defined namespaces. The system configuration can limit the number of namespaces an individual tenant can own.

Note: Replication can cause an HCP system to have more than 1,000 tenants and 10,000 namespaces.

An HCP system has both system-level and tenant-level administrators:

System-level administrators are concerned with monitoring the HCP system hardware and software, monitoring overall repository usage, configuring features that apply across the HCP system, and managing system-level users.

Tenant-level administrators are concerned with monitoring namespace usage at the tenant and namespace level, configuring individual namespaces, managing tenant-level users, and controlling access to namespaces.

System-level administrators create tenants. Tenant-level administrators create namespaces. System-level administrators can limit the number of namespaces an individual tenant can own.