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HCP supports access to namespace content through several industry-standard protocols:

  • REST API, which is a RESTful, HTTP-based API.
  • Hitachi API for Amazon S3, which is a RESTful, HTTP-based S3 compatible API. With the S3 compatible API, namespaces are called buckets.
  • WebDAV.
  • CIFS.
  • NFS.

These protocols support various operations: storing data, creating directories, viewing object data and metadata, viewing directories, modifying certain metadata, and deleting objects. You can use these protocols to access data with a web browser, third-party applications, Windows® Explorer, and other native Windows and Unix tools.

HCP allows special-purpose access to namespaces through the SMTP protocol. This protocol is used only for storing email.

The namespace access protocols are configured separately for each namespace and are enabled or disabled independently of each other.

The REST, S3 compatible, and CIFS protocols can be configured to require authentication. To use a protocol that requires authentication, users and applications must present valid credentials for access to the namespace.

If the REST, S3 compatible or CIFS protocol is enabled but is not configured to require authentication or if the WebDAV or NFS protocol is enabled, users and applications can access the namespace anonymously. You can create a secure namespace by enabling only protocols that require authentication.