Using the Tenant Management Console

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Tenant Management Console pages display information about the current tenant and its namespaces. Some pages also let you configure various aspects of the tenant and namespaces. (The current tenant is the one for which you’re currently logged in to the Tenant Management Console.)

Console pages have menus and hyperlinks for navigation. Each page shows a horizontal menu at the top. Some of the menu options display a secondary menu when you hover over them. To navigate to a page, you click the corresponding menu option.

You can also use shortcut keys to navigate to pages in the Tenant Management Console. Each link that has a shortcut key has the applicable letter underlined. To use the shortcut key, follow the convention for the browser you’re using.

Each page of the Tenant Management Console shows the username of the currently logged-in user in the upper right corner.

  • If you’re an AD user and your username changes in AD while you’re using the Tenant Management Console, the Console may not reflect the new username until you log out and back in. If you’re currently using any other HCP interfaces, you need to log out of those as well.
  • While the HCP system is experiencing a heavy load, the Tenant Management Console may be slower to present certain information.