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The object entry is required for object-based requests. It must contain the query entry and can contain any combination of the other entries listed in the table below.

Entry Valid values Description
query A query expression Specifies the query criteria. This entry is required.



One of:

Return information for all content properties.
Do not return any information on content properties.

Returns information about the content properties available for use in queries.

The default is false.

To return only content properties, specify a count entry with a value of 0.


One of:

  • -1, to request all results
  • 0, to request a response that includes only the object count and, if requested, content properties and facets.
  • An integer between one and 10,000

Specifies the maximum number of results to return.

If you omit this entry, HCP returns a maximum of one hundred results.

HCP responds significantly faster to a request for all results when the request is for basic information only (that is, the value of the verbose entry is (or defaults to) false and the objectProperties entry is omitted). Additionally, a request for all results that includes the verbose entry with a value of true or that includes the objectProperties entry may not return all the expected results due to a connection timeout.


A comma-separated list of zero or more of:

  • hold
  • namespace
  • retention
  • retentionClass
  • content-property-name

Requests summary information for the returned values of the specified object properties.

The values for this entry are case sensitive.



A comma-separated list of object properties

Requests specific object properties to return for each object entry in the query results.

All object entries include the operation, version, urlName, and changeTimeMilliseconds properties, so you don’t need to specify them in this property.

If you specify this property, any verbose property is ignored.

offset An integer between zero and 100,000

Skips the specified number of object entries in the complete result set. Specify this entry when you’re performing a paged query.

The default is zero.

sort A comma-separated list of object properties and content properties with optional sort-order indicators Specifies the sort order for object entries in the result set.

One of:

Return all object properties.
Return only the object URL, version ID, operation, and change time.

Specifies whether to return complete metadata for each object in the result set (true) or only the object URL, version ID, operation type, and change time.

The default is false.

If the request body contains both this property and the objectProperties property, this property is ignored.