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With object-based queries, you specify a query expression in the query request entry. Query expressions have this format:

[+|-]criterion [[+|-]criterion]...

In this expression, [+|-] is an optional Boolean operator and criterion is one of:

  • A single text-based or property-based criterion.
  • One or more criteria in parentheses, in this format:
    ([+|-]criterion [[+|-]criterion]...)

In this expression, criterion can be a single criterion or one or more criteria in parentheses.

For example, here is one possible query expression:

-(namespace:"finance.europe") +(retention:0 index:1)

Query expressions can contain only valid UTF-8 characters.

Tip: You can use the Metadata Query Engine Console to generate query expressions. To do this, construct a query on the Structured Query page and then click the Show as advanced query link. The resulting advanced query can be used as a query expression in an object-based query request.